Welcome to Madeenaplus
International Calling Account helps end-users to make low cost international calls to any country. It is a calling account which is created on the softswitch and offered to the users with an allotted Pin and password. The password has to be changed at the time of first login.
Download Doialer
You can download Madeenaplus dialers from our site for your pc or for your mobile phone, our dialers will work without any problem in Voip blocked countries like UAE, Qatar, Oman, etc.
Device to phone
VoIP Supporting Devices like, Linksys and others can be set up with our SIP Proxy technology and enjoy calling your home
Calling card
Branded Internet Calling Cards at different rates and minutes to meet different level of customer needs
VoIP Reseller
Reseller Panels at different levels depending on the level of sales with highly competitive tariff for A-Z routes / destination.